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Lean Customer Development Book Review

Lean Customer Development Build Products Your Customers Need   A book by Cindy Alvarez

I think this book should be in the hands of every person in your organization who speaks with customers or develops products or features for them.  Lean Customer Development, Build Products Your Customers Need by Cindy Alvarez.  I highly recommend this book for technical and nontechnical persons alike.  I read the early release edition, the author can still make edits but I only saw typos and nothing wrong with the content.  The book is described as the intensely practical guide for customer development.  I totally agree with this two word description.  The book is a fast read and very intense on the subject with well-formed practical exercises to get you moving quickly.  Get out of the building and talk to your customers.

Cindy aligns this book with the “Lean” movement, she refers often to movement leaders such as Eric Ries and Steve Blank.  Cindy has a section or two speaking of using kickstarter to get your product validated.  She also speaks of how Fortune 100 companies can apply Lean Customer Development.

Everyone in your organization should read this book.  The danger of not reading this book is your competition will be.

Crowd sourcing your new products and features. 

It seems in the near future all of the products and new features to existing products will be via crowd sourcing.  Customers will expect to be A/B tested, to answer questions, to have walk throughs with prototypes as the Lean Customer techniques described by Cindy Alvarez become more common.  If your company doesn’t get on board with Lean Customer Development you can expect to be doing the one year release cycle where your product or feature is a hit or miss.  Your competitor will reduce time to market and provide more features that your customers want, this will leave the future of your company in peril.

I received the digital version of this book via the O’Reilly Reader Review Program.  You can purchase it here at