Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bette Davis

We are going through all the Netflix videos that feature Bette Davis.  All about Eve seems to be the best.


Panera and WiFi

We ate at Panera and found that the WiFi was connected, but our connections weren’t going anywhere.  I had already connected to Panera WiFi in a previous visit so my Atrix automaticly connects.  The problem is that I have to bring up a browser after I realize that my email and such were not working.  After completing the login page I’m back truly connected.  Data is flowing.  Maybe I need an app that checks for such situations.

Another Web Site

What google sites can be.


I got the black Incipio Feather cover for my Atrix.  I need to find another color for my wife’s phone.  I like this cover alot since it is so thin.

Department Store DJ

I was at Moe’s and then off to Walgrens.  In both cases they had decent music playing.  I started to think that there is someone in the corporation that at least approves the music.  Nice job, “another hard day listening too classic rock”.  Then I see Muzak was sold.  Elevator DJ

Stephen Ministry Poster


A poster at our church for Stephen Ministry.  I didn’t know that fonts could be so expressive.  I JUST THOUGHT THIS IS HOW YOU SPEAK ANGER.


Get Quadrant and make all your Android friends envious.  The dual core shines in this test and makes other phones look like wimps.